Scientific Consulting

Stewardship for future generations

Whether it’s analyzing energy usage , conducting impact assessments, or providing regulatory guidance, Axis offers over 30+ years of climate, air, water, and soil subject matter expertise to help our customers make more informed policy decisions.


Our services are backed by a holistic approach to the technical, political and economic facets of regulation. Our goal is help agencies balance long-term progress with stewardship through compliance and risk mitigation.


  • Rulemaking Guidance
  • Impact Studies
  • Feasibility Analysis
  • Regulatory Compliance

Proven Benefits

Methodologies that provide rulemaking support and can withstand scientific and public scrutiny.

Decision Making

We offer data-centric information technology (IT) solutions for customers seeking to better crunch data while simultaneously reducing the decision-making costs associated with complex environmental issues.


  • GIS
  • Data Tracking Systems
  • Data Collection & Research Support
  • Data Standards Implementation

Proven Benefits

Qualitative and quantitive approaches backed by measurable results that aids agency decision-making.
An integrated strategy of program management capabilities and information technology to further advance outcomes.


Understanding the adverse effects of chemicals, toxins and pollutants in our environment is directly tied to the health and wellbeing of our communities. Axis assesses how environmental hazards impact public health initiatives through policy development, improvement, and assurance.


  • Risk Assessments
  • Environmental Health Studies
  • Performance/Audit Analysis

Proven Benefits

Improving health outcomes of underserved populations that are impacted by poor environmental and energy policy.


Axis provides support across the for helping customers understand federal clean/drinking water standards and the adverse effects on our water sources via contaminant movement. soil erosion, and impacts on waste/ storm/drinking water.


  • Hydrologic Investigations & Assessments
  • Water Conservation
  • Clean/Drinkig Water Regulations

Proven Benefits

Significant expertise examining water flow and contaminant movement through modeling and field studies.

Provide federal, state and local
compliance support to protect freshwater sources for future generations.

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